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You are on the move? In a car? In a hotel? In the theatre? In a conference? In a golf course? You do not want to go without your pipe? No problem:


More pleasure! More pipe protection! More freedom!
No burns! No damage to the wood! No dirty marks!

With the patented pipe bowl head tendoro. you can easily seal any pipe sold inodorous and fireproof – wherever you are, at any time. The ash-cover keeps your pipe dry, aroma and taste of your tobacco are preserved.

After use, you can keep the tendoro. in a case, safe and stylish.

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Most pipe bowls are made from briar and are susceptible to moisture. In general, the following applies:

1. Smoke the tobacco completely to allow the moisture to evaporate.
2. Leave the ash in the bowl to absorbe the remaining moisture.

And on the move? Ash can fall out easily and cause dirt and burning spots. When adequate trays are lacking, many pipe smokers empty their pipes unavoidably in an inappropriate way. They so accept damage to the wood as well as bad taste.

The solution: tendoro. , the high-precision pipe bowl cover from an aluminium alloy of high technical standard is surface-treated in a luxurious process - singular quality for a long-term pleasure of the senses. For there is no accounting for tastes. This, by the way, also applies for the stylish design that puts "the lid on your pipe".

tendoro. assures 100 % protection but does not seal airtight.

The consequence: Despite any wind you can continue smoking with your tendoro. more gently. Flying sparks and puffing combustion of the tobacco are prevented. The light weight of 11 grammes avoids problems with the bite.